In the 80’s and 90’s the acronym AIKIA stood for America’s Independent Instructors Association. The “K” equally addresses Korean martial arts (TKD/TSD/HKD), Karate, Kickboxing, Kenpo, and Kon-do Bujutsu (Japanese word for Mixed Martial Arts/MMA). In 1983 the late GM Joe Lewis considered the composite of Japanese characters for Aikia [(ai|kia(i)] to be best translated as “allegiance of courage.” It takes courage to become independent! Aikia is today The Allegiance of Courage for those courageous individuals that claim Independence from fixed forms.

Black Belt Hall of Famers

"If you are talking about training for fighting in the real world, well then baby you better train every part of your body." Bruce Lee, Black Belt magazine Hall of Famer 1971

Aikia was designed in the 1970s to unite instructors who followed the independent methodology made famous by martial arts icons Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace. During a period of two years between 1967 and 1969, Bruce Lee personally coached Joe Lewis to 11 straight victories. We continue the legacy GM Lewis made available exclusively to Aikia members during his many years as Aikia’s National Director for Training and Instruction. See “How Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Techniques Revolutionized Joe Lewis’ Karate Training” by Dr. Jerry Beasley ( In the 1980s/90s Aikia brought together the elite Black Belt magazine Hall of Famers Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace and Dr. Jerry Beasley as national directors for training and instruction. Their influence on the America’s oldest and best martial arts organization for Independents has been felt worldwide.

“I want to help restore this sense of pride in the martial arts through AIKIA.” Joe Lewis 1983

The late Grandmaster Joe Lewis put it best when he said, “The feeling that I find missing in so many schools nowadays is a sense of pride and belonging. I want to help restore this sense of pride in the martial arts through AIKIA. I haven’t been associated with an organization since 1973. I was so impressed with the philosophy, ideas, and sincerity of AIKIA; I chose to fully endorse their efforts by serving as National Director for Training and Instruction. If you are a martial arts instructor, I encourage you to join in our effort to better the professional practice of martial arts instruction.” Joe Lewis, 1983

The philosophy the grandmaster spoke of is that an organization should serve as an “allegiance of courage” to align with instructors who are courageous enough to venture outside their respective arts. We believe, as did Bruce Lee, that the truth in combat is independent of fixed styles. Aikia endorsed Independent Black Belts actively research and train in arts outside their base systems to advance their knowledge of combat. If you are a Black Belt instructor and you are, as Bruce Lee might say, “training every part of your body,” then join us.


Here’s a free course featuring Black Belt Hall of Famer, Dr. Jerry Beasley (8th Dan Joe Lewis Black Belt) detailing the Independent Jeet Kune Do instruction taught by Bruce Lee to Joe Lewis over an 18 month period between 1967 and 1969.

On-Line Training

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The main thing black belts hate about organizations is ‘politics.’ Politics means ‘money’ and in Aikia skill talks and money walks. Aikia is free of politics. We are today as we were almost 40 years ago. Service, not profit, is our motive. Aikia membership is an endorsement that allows you to join forces with the most prestigious independent student rank granting institution in the world. We provide high-level continuing education through the Karate College, a yearly All Martial Arts training camp that has been called by Black Belt magazine,” the best in the nation.”

Karate College

“It’s my favorite camp. When we began the Karate College in 1988, no one could have known that it would have been so important to so many people.”
Bill Wallace

“I love Karate College. You can meet some of the best people in martial arts there. I plan things around the Karate College dates because I love it there.”
Renzo Gracie

“Dr. Beasley has put together the premiere camp in the nation. Every other camp is measured by how close they get to the Karate College model.”
Joe Lewis

Aikia, The Allegiance of Courage, wishes to perpetuate the Bruce Lee>Joe Lewis>Jerry Beasley>Aikia lineage by opening our membership to all arts and styles that use the standard white thru black belt grading system. Aikia has become a martial arts fraternity for the “Best of the Best”.

How do I join?

Complete the application. Your “Lifetime” fee is only $99! You will receive an original and historic 1983 Aikia certificate hand stamped singed and authorized by Joe Lewis and Dr. Jerry Beasley and the Aikia instructor Certificate with the Aikia pledge co-written by Joe Lewis and Dr. Beasley in 1983. Plus you receive the 140 page Dojo Dynamics Instructor marketing manual and a free download link of the book Joe Lewis American Karate Systems (original hard copies sold on Amazon for as much as $60-$200).


Aikia certificates


About the Certificate: The certificate soon to be in your possession is one of the remaining few certificates co-designed and actually co-signed by GM Joe Lewis. In the spring of 1982 Joe Lewis and Dr. Jerry Beasley formed a partnership to better advance their careers. In 1983 they co-founded the Joe Lewis American Karate Systems organization and co-wrote the famous Black Belt Pledge. JLAKS is an elite organization that was open only to Black Belts that passed the test of sparring three rounds with the Champion. AIKIA served as the original rank granting organization for JLAKS and many other systems. All colored belt ranks for JLAKS over the years have been granted exclusively by AIKIA. In 1991 Grand Master Lewis and Dr. Beasley designed the JLAKS Black Belt certificate which was typically delivered via the AIKIA organization. Many JLAKS Black Belts were also members of AIKIA.
Since 1983 Aikia has been joined by over 2000 Black Belts representing many systems from many countries. We welcome you to the organization the late GM Joe Lewis dubbed the “Allegiance of Courage.” As a Black Belt Instructor member you may offer the elite internationally recognized Aikia student rank certificates to your students for a small registration and printing charge of $3.50 each. With each certificate you may request a free student membership card. You may sell the student membership for $10 per year. This is money that you earn as our representative and is to be used in your school to fund a continuing “Joe Lewis Student Scholarship” to attend summer camp. Each student that contributes to the $10 student membership knows that together, we can make instruction possible for a student that cannot afford instruction. Make the “Joe Lewis Student Scholarship” a position of honor in your school for continued education.
We invite you and your students to join us each year in late June to the famous Karate College and awards banquet to award student ranks to a national audience.
Teach with pride and courage and offer your students the most honored rank certification in American Martial Arts!.

As an Official Aikia Independent Instructor you may:

  • Issue Aikia rank certificates and student memberships (Full details for profit sharing are sent to you).
  • You may advertise affiliation in Aikia as a certified “Independent” and link with our international network.

AIKIA means No Limitations

Does all this sound too good to be true? We are counting on you to be a top grade black belt and bring honor to the profession of teaching martial arts. Trust is something you earn. Join Team Aikia today!

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Our goal is to serve our members: “Whosoever desires to be great among you, let him be your servant.” (Matthew 20:26).