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The American Independent Karate-Kickboxing Instructors Association™ (Aikia) has served the International martial arts community for over 40 years. Introduced in the mid-seventies to promote the then new American Independent full-contact Karate and Kickboxing, Aikia quickly expanded their services to include rank testing, marketing and continuing education for Karate, Taekwondo and Tang Soo Do to over 1500 Aikia certified Black Belts schools since 1978. The Aikia slogan “Rank should be an Honor, not an expense” became world famous. In 2015 Aikia returned to its roots to offer and promote exclusively the original Street-Modified ™ full-contact training system first introduced in 1967 by Bruce Lee, who taught his student Joe Lewis who in turn taught Dr. Jerry Beasley, founder of Aikia.

Aikia’s Street-Modified™ Kick-Boxing

With Jeet Kune Do Fighting Principles and Strategies

If you are talking about training for fighting in the real world, well then baby you better train every part of your body." Bruce Lee, Black Belt magazine Hall of Famer 1971

We believe, as did Bruce Lee, that the truth in combat is independent of fixed styles. Aikia endorsed Independent Black Belts actively research and train in arts outside their base systems (karate, taekwondo, tangsoodo etc.) to advance their knowledge of combat. If you are a Black Belt instructor and you are, as Bruce Lee once said, “training every part of your body,” then join us.

From Lee to Lewis to Beasley to You

Bruce Lee combined modified wing chun, street boxing and fencing to form the core of jeet kune do techniques and tactics. JKD is strategy and principles applied to skills that may vary from one person to another. While many of Lee’s personal students have applied the JKD principles through modified wing chun, Ted Wong and Joe Lewis applied the JKD Principles and Strategy through the modified boxing/kick-boxing (which Bruce Lee called free-style fighting with protective equipment). During an almost two year period between 1967 and 1969, Bruce Lee personally coached martial arts tournament champion Joe Lewis in jeet kune do technique, fighting principles and strategies including JKD mobility, immobilization attacks, broken rhythm, independent motion for lead hand striking, non-telegraphic entries, combinations etc. Lee’s personal coaching and Lewis’ personal work ethic propelled the champ to 11 straight national tournament titles that took place over an 18 month period. Lewis became the most decorated tournament fighter to ever train under the person most would call the greatest martial artist of all time… Bruce Lee. In January 1970 Lewis demonstrated the superiority of the jeet kune do free-style fighting methods he had learned from Bruce Lee in the first US Kickboxing title fight. See “How Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Techniques Revolutionized Joe Lewis’ Karate Training” by Dr. Jerry Beasley (www.blackbeltmag.com).

From Bruce Lee to Joe Lewis, From Joe Lewis to Dr. Jerry Beasley and now to You

When we speak of jeet kune do or JKD we are technically talking about principles like independent motion, broken rhythm etc. or strategies like direct attack, progressive indirect attack etc. To demonstrate the principle we must have a vehicle like wing chun or kick-boxing or some other form of liberated free-style sparring. When you apply the JKD strategy to a collection of skills (called, a style) you get a similar result except the vehicle or techniques selected initially look different. This is what we call selective technique variation. Driving fast, driving slow or weaving in and out of traffic are strategic principles that apply to driving. You can apply these principles to driving a car or driving a truck or driving a bicycle. This approach allows JKD (strategic fighting principles and strategies) to blend in with any art or any way. Our focus is on street-modified ™ kick-boxing.

In 1982, Joe Lewis began to personally train Dr. Jerry Beasley exclusively in the JKD he had learned from Bruce Lee: not just in group seminars but in hundreds of hours of personal one-one-one training and exchange sessions. In 1993 Beasley became the only Black Belt ever to earn official authorization from GM Lewis to teach and promote the Lee to Lewis to Beasley JKD Strategies, see www.RUJKD.com . In 1998 Beasley and Lewis co-authored the first and only book detailing the life and times of the greatest karate fighter of all time, see www.JoeLewisAmericanKarateSystems.com. Other “firsts” accomplished by Dr. Beasley include: first Joe Lewis 6th Dan in 1985; first Joe Lewis 7th Dan in 1990 and first Joe Lewis 8th Dan in 1995. And, Dr. Beasley was the first writer-promoter to introduce “Original JKD” to a national audience at the RUJKD camps featuring Ted Wong, Joe Lewis and Dr. Jerry Beasley.

Street Modified Kickboxing


Now you can train in the original JKD Fighting Principles and Strategies through Aikia’s Street-Modified ™ Kick-Boxing. This video series features Aikia’s founder and America’s #1 University Martial Arts Professor, Dr. Jerry Beasley: winner of the highly acclaimed year 2000 Black Belt magazine Hall of Fame “Instructor of the Year” award and the prestigious 2009 Black Belt Industry award for “Best Martial Arts Training Camp: Karate College.” Having published 9 books and over 100 articles, Dr. Jerry Beasley is the true warrior-scholar icon with a lineage and 45+ years training background that will never be duplicated.

Thousands have attended www.TheKarateCollege.com summer camps or the www.RUJKD.com camps (taught by Beasley, Lewis and Ted Wong) to receive instruction. We now have available a complete program on video. This program, stayed in the top 10 lists for over a decade and once sold for almost $200 but we are now in position to provide the original review version here absolutely free. Ted Wong and Joe Lewis are no longer with us. But what they taught to Dr. Beasley has been painstakingly preserved forever on video. There are no fees to pay, nothing to buy so start training today! All it takes is hard work and dedication. The program includes nine easy to follow sparring levels that can easily be adapted to nine training levels in Aikia’s Street-Modified ™ Kick-Boxing. As a Black Belt instructor we want you to supercharge your self-defense program: to train and teach JKD Fighting Principles and Strategies through Aikia’s Street-Modified ™ Kick-Boxing systems in your school curriculum.

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