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The American International Kickboxing Instructors Association (Aikia) traces its roots back to 1967 when martial arts icon Bruce Lee introduced a form of full-contact fighting with protective equipment as an alternative to the non-contact karate systems of the day. Bruce Lee taught his top fighter, Joe Lewis the current world karate champion who then introduced the Joe Lewis-Style ™ of the jeet kune do full-contact fighting to the general public in January 1970. For the fight Lewis had traded Lee’s open finger Kendo gloves for regulation boxing gloves. The fight announcer, seeing the boxing gloves referred to the fighters (Lewis versus Baines) as kickboxers and the American art of “kickboxing” began. Joe Lewis was dubbed the father of American kickboxing and was voted the title “Greatest Full-Contact Karate Fighter of All Time by Black Belt magazine.

In 1973, the same year that Bruce Lee died, future Black Belt magazine Hall of Famer Dr. Jerry Beasley developed the concept of a kickboxing organization and in 1977 began issuing certifications in the art (then called full-contact karate). Beasley was joined by the legendary Joe Lewis in 1983. Lewis served as Aikia national director of training and instruction until his death in 2012. In 1988 the original American full-contact karate/kickboxing champions Joe Lewis, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and Jeff Smith joined Dr. Beasley as co-founders to promote the first ever “Karate College”, winner of the Black Belt magazine Industry Award for best training camp. The Karate College started as the world champion  full-contact kickboxing training camp in 1988 but under the direction of martial arts visionary Dr. Beasley evolved to a full mixed-style martial arts format  in 1991 (two years before the introduction of UFC-MMA). Bill Wallace joined Aikia as co-national director in 1991.

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s Aikia, under the direction of Dr. Jerry Beasley, Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace, became America’s #1 International Kickboxing Instructors Association with member schools and affiliates worldwide. After the passing of the immortal Joe Lewis in 2012, Aikia consolidated its focus promoting the original Joe Lewis-Style™ of jeet kune do (Bruce Lee’s full-contact fighting method just as it was taught from Bruce Lee to Joe Lewis to Dr. Jerry Beasley/ visit RUJKD.Com). Aikia offers free video training and on-site instructor training seminars at both the original Karate College (last weekend in June each year) and on-going weekend camps at in Christiansburg, VA. Aikia also offers certification for self-defense instructors and personal trainers in both Boxing and Kickboxing and provides low cost student rank certificates for traditional martial arts schools worldwide operating as the historic American Independent Karate Instructors Association. Black Belt school owners may receive information on earning Aikia school charter (send a copy of your Black Belt certification and $99 to Aikia, PO Box 402, Christiansburg, VA 24068) or by writing .

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When Joe Lewis stepped in the ring in January 1970 he was performing the original jeet kune do all-out sparring method taught to him by Bruce Lee. The Joe Lewis-Style ™ of jeet kune do that became known simply as kickboxing at the premiere fight in January 1970 had few rules. Wearing shoes, chops to the back of the neck, using elbows, knees, low kicks, sweeps, throws and take-downs and the occasional head butt were not considered fouls. JL-S™, as jeet kune do was designed for the street but could be applied to the ring.

In 1967 Bruce Lee originally combined modified wing chun, Western boxing and fencing to form the core of jeet kune do techniques and tactics. While many still present wing chun to represent JKD it should be understood that Bruce Lee moved away from wing chun when his adherence to the art failed him in the fight against Wong Jack Man. JKD is Bruce Lee’s personal liberation from classical wing chun. Lee’s private students, including Ted Wong and Joe Lewis recall that Bruce Lee had by 1970-71, actually began to eliminate the wing chun trapping and structure to promote the boxing and all-out sparring methods that became modern JKD. Perhaps 60% of Bruce Lee’s Tao of Jeet Kune Do focuses on modern boxing. Now you can train in the original Jeet Kune Do: Scientific Self-Defense program (featuring the Joe Lewis-Style™) taught from Bruce Lee to Joe Lewis (1967-1969) and from Joe Lewis to Dr. Beasley (1982-1999)…Free! This video series features Aikia’s founder and America’s #1 University Martial Arts Professor, Dr. Jerry Beasley: winner of the highly acclaimed year 2000 Black Belt magazine Hall of Fame “Instructor of the Year” award and the prestigious 2009 Black Belt Industry award for “Best Martial Arts Training Camp: Karate College.” Dr. Beasley (JLAKS 8th Dan, 1995) is the only person ever to be certified to teach the Jeet Kune Do system of Fighting Principles and Strategies by Bruce Lee’s only world champion, Joe Lewis. Having published 10 books and over 100 articles, Dr. Jerry Beasley is the true warrior-scholar icon with a lineage and 45+ years training background that will never be duplicated.

By studying this video series you’ll learn from a master teacher about how two Icons, Joe Lewis and Bruce Lee viewed martial arts “alive” training and all-out free-style sparring. As a master “teacher of teachers” Dr. Beasley shows you: How to teach a class. How to perform fundamentals at the level of mastery. How to control range, penetrate the offense and much more!

“It’s not the art but the individual that counts; not the technique but the delivery that makes the difference.” Dr. Jerry Beasley

Thousands have attended summer camps or the camps (taught by Beasley, Lewis and Ted Wong 1993-1998) to receive instruction. We now have available the complete program on video. This program, focusing on the Jun Fan kickboxing/ Joe Lewis-Style™ of Jeet Kune Do as taught by Bruce Lee to Joe Lewis and from Joe Lewis to Dr. Jerry Beasley, stayed in the top 10 lists for over a decade and once sold for almost $200 but we are now in position to provide the original review version here absolutely free. Unfortunately, Ted Wong and Joe Lewis are no longer with us. But what they taught to Dr. Beasley has been painstakingly preserved forever on video. There are no fees to pay, nothing to buy so start training today! All it takes is hard work and dedication.

Join us: In 1971 pioneered martial arts instruction in the NRV. Specializing in the Bruce Lee/Joe Lewis systems we offer expert instruction in Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense with personal fitness training by a certified personal trainer. Travel in for a train and certify weekend by contacting for times and prices. “Train like a Fighter, Think like a Champion, Feel like a million bucks!”

If you are visiting the community or traveling into town for certification and affiliation training and would like to schedule a personal training session at the studio in Christiansburg, VA simply contact us at All-inclusive seminars and certification programs at BMA start at just $250 per day for up to four persons.

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“There is no higher level of training for any art than free-style sparring with equipment. JKD fits with all arts.” Bruce Lee