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Martial Artist of the World be it known and understood that the American Independent Karate/Kickboxing Instructors Association (AIKIA) does not discriminate and welcomes all peaceful martial artist without regard to race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or country of origin.

AIKIA International Office: In the 1980’s and 1990’s Aikia was among the World’s foremost martial arts organizations. Since that time Director Joe Lewis has passed and Director Bill Wallace has retired. Dr. Beasley, Founder has also retired but remains active as a consultant. There are still a dozen or more very active Aikia certified schools in the US that are authorized to issue Aikia certificates of rank. At one time Aikia maintained offices and representatives in Okinawa, Australia, Germany, England, Korea, Iran, India, Thailand and Croatia. In 2016 Aikia consolidated representation on International matters with

Master Jafar Erfaniankhah. Tel: +98 2155372131   Fax: +98 2155481384

Mobile number: +98 9123788986   e-mail:


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