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Mastering Karate

“Todays karate practitioners are equally comfortable in the kickboxing ring or on the grappler’s mat. ‘Borrow from all styles and use what works’ has become the ideal of American karate practitioners. Karate can be any expression of a martial art, limited only by the attributes of the practitioner.”

–Jerry Beasley, Ed.D.

mkMastering Karate The master text of American Karate

In Mastering Karate, Beasley focuses on the crucial components of advanced karate techniques that will enhance your individual performance and give you the edge in sparring situations. The detailed descriptions and photographs will help you visualize and develop the critical skills needed to progress through the intermediate and advanced ranks.

Mastering Karate also includes specific offensive and defensive strategies you can adapt in competition as well as an entire chapter dedicated to teaching styles and methods that you can apply to become more effective in the dojo. With advanced training methods for physical and mental preparation, this book offers the practical tools you need to succeed.

In addition to a wealth of training techniques, Mastering Karate presents ideas and concepts about history, traditions, etiquette, and training methods, it traces the evolution of western karate and shows how it has been influenced by superstars like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Bill Wallace.

Mastering Karate is an invaluable resource for students in all karate disciplines. Whether you’re an advanced black belt, an intermediate student striving for improvement, or an instructor in search of contemporary training methods, you’ll benefit from this comprehensive resource. Use the experience and instruction of Jerry Beasley to guide you to success.

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Dojo Dynamics

Dojo Dynamics Essential Marketing Principles for Martial Arts Schools

Martial artists no longer need to fear marketing! Dr. Jerry Beasley explains how new and longtime ddmanagers can succeed in their martial arts enterprises in Dojo Dynamics: Essential Marketing Principles for Martial Arts Schools. As a marketing consultant, career martial artist and university professor, Beasley helps school owners and instructors balance the act of running a business with staying true to their students’ best interests.

With three decades of experience in building up martial arts businesses, Beasley’s invaluable insight instructs readers on the how, why and what of marketing. Topics include: • developing a marketing plan • creating the definitive product • finding the perfect place and price for your program • advertising the right way and at the right time • using public relations to effectively promote your school • attracting new clients with successful sales promotions • closing the deal with 90 percent of potential clients • staying true to your clients’ needs and the philosophy behind your art Filled with illustrated examples, Dojo Dynamics: Essential Marketing Principles for Martial Arts Schools shows readers a clear and comprehensive road to a business that thrives.

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Jeet Kune Do: High-Risk Sparring

jkdhrsJeet Kune Do: High-Risk Sparring

Author Jerry Beasley maintains that the best jeet kune do experience comes through the art of full-contact fighting. The true JKD experience must have the element of danger, the potential for injury and the reality of pain for the practitioner to develop true freedom of expression.

In this book, Jerry Beasley contends that the freedom must be earned at some sacrifice. This book will stir some opposition from those who prefer the status quo. But there’s no denying that the true face of JKD shines through.

Jun Fan Kickboxing: Scientific Street Fighting

Scientific Street Fighting – 5 volume set

•Vol 1: Fundamental JKD combat skills – The fundamental skills of punching and kicking, and the Jun Fan Kickboxing Color 4.5principles of independant motion and non telegraphic techniue are covered in detail.

•Vol 2: Fundamental JKD combat strategies – Dr. Beasely examines the skills for mobility, the straight blast and the 5 ways of attack. He demonstrates how to introduce the attribute of deceptiveness to your JKD arsenal.

•Vol 3: JKD hand immobilization attacks – This video examines the principle of trapping. First we familiarize ourselves with the 3 weapons of trapping rage, classical trapping (Wing Chun style), alternative trapping methods and boxing style immobilization.

•Vol 4: Full contact fighting Jun Fan style V1 – The original full contact fighting method of JKD including the principles of evade, block, destroy, redirect, and intercept and how they are applied in full contact fighting are demonstrated.

•Vol 5: Full contact fighting Jun Fan style V2 – Full contact principles of slip, jab, and weave are introduced. This video includes the requirements for testing and certification in Jun Fan kickboxing/JKD.