Who says Dan Inosanto never taught or awarded certificates in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do?


About the certificate: This 1984 certificate from the Filipino Kali Academy and Jun Fan Gung Fu Academy of Los Angeles, was awarded at the completion of a seven day camp promoted by Fred Degerberg and held at the Degerberg Institute in Chicago, IL. What is significant about the certificate is the use of the word “Jeet Kune Do.” Most critics claim that Dan Inosanto never taught or authorized the inclusion of the term “Jeet Kune Do” when awarding seminar certificates. We believe that the secretary at the Degerberg Academy simply typed in the names, hours, dates and arts for the 50 plus certificates of completion awarded at the end of the camp. Mr. Inosanto was then given the certificates which he signed and personally handed to each camp graduate. These modern day critics claim that Dan only authorized “Jun Fan” or “JKD concepts” when recognizing the Bruce Lee inspired art. At this particular seminar, the above named participant trained in the same kali class as Paula Pederson and her then boyfriend, Nate Desensor, both of Chicago, IL. Paula later married Dan Inosanto. In 1998 Paula Pederson Inosanto along with the fellow Gaithersburg, Maryland instructor Michael Krivka (Martial Arts Koncepts) were identified for publishing “false, damaging and libelous information” against participants in the “Original JKD” movement. The certificate was used to disprove their contention. A court date was never set. The results of the Michael Krivka/Paula Inosanto alliance continues to be a topic of many internet forums and chat rooms.