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The A.I.K.I.A™ association (American Independent Karate/Kickboxing Instructors Association) was developed in 1983 by Dr. Jerry Beasley, university professor emeritus and Black Belt ® magazine Hall of Famer and his teacher, Joe Lewis, fighting protégé of Bruce Lee, Black Belt Hall of Famer and voted “The Greatest Tournament Fighter of All-Time.” Superstar Bill Wallace joined AIKIA as co-national director in 1988. For almost three decades partners Lewis, Wallace and Beasley jointly promoted the American Independent Karate/Kickboxing Instructors Association forming a worldwide network of martial arts school affiliates who joined together to recognize student and Black Belt rank and credentialing. The AIKIA™ (A.I.K.I.A. or Aikia are the same) slogan became “Rank should be an Honor, not and Expense.” It is the same today.


Since 1988 hundreds of AIKIA members have trained together each year at the now world-famous multi-style martial arts camp called  ™. Each Aikia member enjoys the prestige and honor of an international martial arts network, mastery, and lineage. Professors at Aikia’s Karate College have read like a Who’s Who of martial arts masters including: Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Jeff Smith, Michael DePasquale, Jhoon Rhee, Fumio Demura, Renzo Gracie, Benny Urquidez, Wally Jay, Remey Presas, Steve Anderson, Ji Han Jae, Ted Wong, Dr. Maung Gyi, Dr. Jerry Beasley and many, many more.


Continuing with the tradition of insuring that the member always receives more than the membership cost Aikia now offers qualified Black Belt instructors the opportunity to join as agent members for only $99 per year. As an Aikia Black Belt member you receive free, 10 Aikia student life memberships that can be resold to your student members at retail for up to $10 each. So, your membership is paid for. As our agent you may also purchase new student life member cards for only $3 each (Resale @$10) and for only $4 (Resale @ $12) each you may order the famous student rank certificates, with the student creed co-written by Joe Lewis and Dr. Jerry Beasley. In AIKIA rank has always been an Honor and not an expense.

As a fully credentialed AIKIA™ Independent Agent, you are free to maintain your style or system with no mandates, other than teach with integrity, from the organization. We have helped hundreds of Black Belts develop programs and market their schools. Why will students want to join Aikia as student life members? Because by becoming members their rank is nationally certified by one of the oldest and most prestigious organizations in the country.  

To join as a Black Belt Independent Agent send only $99 and a copy of your 1st Dan or higher certificate to Aikia PO Box 402 Christiansburg, VA 24068 or use PayPal. If using PayPal, you can send the image of your Dan certificate to [email protected] . The application fee of $99 is non-refundable. In your request, identify the style, instructor, any advanced ranks, how long you have been teaching and the number of students in your school. AIKIA student membership is recommended as an honor and not required of all students.

Between 1967 and 1969 Joe Lewis trained exclusively with Bruce Lee. What was unique about jeet kune do training in the 1960s was that JKD was not so much an art but a way of delivering skills. They trained with full contact. Joe Lewis was the “test-tube” for jeet kune do. As the former Mrs. Linda Lee stated “Bruce and Joe were research partners.” Together they created the concept of “evidence-based” self-defense training which means every technique is pressure tested against a non-compliant opponent in a full-contact-with-protective-gear sparring experience. It’s not just kickboxing. It’s a lot more. There are no titles in JLJKD. You will discover sometimes you are the trainer, sometimes you become the trainee.

Now this exclusive method is available to all AIKIA™ members absolutely free. Renown author and educator, Dr. Jerry Beasley (8th Dan under Joe Lewis in 1995) is the only Joe Lewis student that was fully schooled, tested and authorized in the jeet kune do passed from Lee to Lewis and from Lewis to Dr. Beasley. This video series features Aikia’s founder and America’s #1 University Martial Arts Professor, Dr. Jerry Beasley: winner of the highly acclaimed year 2000 Black Belt magazine Hall of Fame “Instructor of the Year” award and the prestigious 2009 Black Belt Industry award for “Best Martial Arts Training Camp: Karate College.”  

Having published 10 books and over 100 articles, Dr. Jerry Beasley, the Battel of Atlanta 2018 Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior recipient, is the true warrior-scholar icon with a lineage and 50+ years training background that will never be duplicated. Dr. Beasley invested almost 30 years under the direct tutelage of Joe Lewis in research, training and then painstakingly redacting the JKD represented in the Joe Lewis Jeet Kune Do™ instructional method. Lewis and Beasley together authored numerous articles and books on Lewis’ training in jeet kune do.

“It’s not the art but the individual that counts; not the technique but the delivery that makes the difference.” Dr. Jerry Beasley

“In tournament competition you fight to win. In the street you fight to end!” Joe Lewis

When he was alive Joe Lewis only taught competitive kickboxing methods to his students and in seminars. Dr. Beasley was the only Joe Lewis private student to specifically request jeet kune do instruction and to fully research, redact and test in the JLJKD. Joe Lewis Jeet Kune Do™  and the JLJKD Personal Trainer™ is not available in the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems or the .  Only AIKIA™ has the rights to use the Joe Lewis Jeet Kune Do™ or JLJKD Personal Trainer™ names.  

The program includes nine expertly designed sparring levels that can quickly be adapted to nine training levels to gauge your progress. This is Bruce Lee’s “Scientific-Streetfighting” the way it was originally intended.  

“Dr. Beasley’s series on jeet kune do is the only program I have chosen to fully endorse.” Joe Lewis

Each June some JLJKD members meet in Radford, VA to recognize their progress.

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On-Line Training Part 1 Fundamental skills, Independent motion etc.

On-Line Training Part 2 Combat strategies, straight blast etc.

On-Line Training Part 3 Hand immobilization and Trapping

On-Line Training Part 4 Sparring Level 1-5, Testing

On-Line Training Part 5 Sparring levels 6-9 

“There is no higher level of training for any art than free-style sparring with equipment. JKD fits with all arts.” Bruce Lee

We invite you as an AIKIA certified school owner to visit our training center in Blacksburg, VA (near VA Tech) and schedule completely optional advanced personal JLJKD training sessions with Dr. Beasley and Coach Tyler Beasley for only $60 per person per half-hour session. Earn in person, the JLJKD Personal Trainer™ certification. Some group discounts may apply. Open all year! This option is available only to AIKIA certified Black Belt school owners. Advanced appointments are required. [email protected]


The term “Aikia” (pronounced eye-key-ah) can be translated from the Greek root as “mental and physical violence” the synonym being prevention. Aikia means violence prevention. The Japanese translation of Aiki is used to mean coordinated energy and kiai is energy exposed in voice. It is understood that when groups are coordinated an allegiance is formed. It takes courage to deliver a successful kiai. Hence, Aikia refers to an “allegiance of courage.” The full meaning of Aikia then becomes an “allegiance of those courageous few who teach the evidence-based art of preventing violence.” Aikia is a worldwide network of schools teaching evidence-based methods of self-defense. Join us as an evidence-based personal-defense professional.

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